Husqvarna 125 x triumph 900

The temps hit the low 50s which is the right temp to melt the ice in the motivation center of my mind. The triumph has been needing a new front tire since the end of last season and the front brakes have been giving me fits for as long as I've owned it. Previously it had been fitted with a pair of 6 piston tokico calipers, luckily the bike still had the the original 4 piston jobs in a plastic bag. 

Bri guy got some more progress in on his husky too, the cases are split and the crank is ready to be pressed apart for rebuild. Thankfully the transmission was spared the rusting treatment the crankcase fell victim to. 


Trek trekking

This place is mostly moto related but I recently picked up my first pedal bike in probably 20 years. It feels great exploring the trails around the house and can't wait to get some more seat time in. 


Fantic chopper




Harley shortster shifter mods

Filing the half moon slot allows for more throw to get the pawl positively engaged

The shift arms wont open far enough if this pin is badly worn. I spun mine to get to fresh material. Next time ill need to machine a new pin if it wears that far again. 

 Adding weld to the ends of the shift arms is what finally got this thing to actually engage the shift drum and spin it far enough to stay in the desires gear. 


1957 triumph tiger cub hillclimb racer

 Built by William Burky of the Singing wheels MC back in the early 60s. This cub is a prime example of adding lightness, just look at all the holes drilled throughout the bike including the brake drums, frame, and brake lever. The theme continues inside the engine with holes drilled in the rocker arms. I havent been in the cam chest but id suspect there to be holes in all the gears as well. Where he couldn't drill holes he just removed parts and bolts. The oil tank is a 12 oz gum out tin bottle with lines brazed into it and secured to the frame with a twist tie. The seat and fender have been cut down. Since I've owned it I've made a couple small changes. The original monobloc carb was unhappy so I've changed over to a 626 concentric, the piston.and rings were wore out and there was an attempt to lap the head to the cylinder in lieu of an head gasket. I installed a 10:1 piston and new rings with a copper head gasket.  Really this might be one of the coolest bikes in my collection. Rumor is there is a sister bike out there painted the same colors but it's a triumph 500 twin. 


Couple of bultacos in the woods


Harley shortster mc65

This shortster really does have one of the worst shifter mechanisms I've seen. If anyone has tips or tricks to make this thing shift even halfway reliable leave a comment.