Ducati 200 ...... chopper?

Now here's something you dont see every day. According to the add on marketplace this is a 1962 Ducati 200 built in the 70s. By the time I saw the add it was pending and sold shortly after. I hope it stayed in the mitten and went to someone who appreciate how neat this time capsule is. If the owner ever runs across this and wants to update its story I'd love to hear it.

1972 Yamaha 175

Lookie here! Brand new to me 72 175 Yamaha enduro. About 2 months go I ran by my local machine shop to get a cylinder bored out for another project. On my way out the door chip says to me "oh hang on, before you go let me show you something you might be interested in". I absolutely fell in love with it and a few days later its sitting in my garage. All original right down to the tires, other than the tubes. He had replaced those for safety sake. I cannot wait to get out and find some dirt roads with her.

Land speed racer buell

I've been playing around a bit with the old LSR Buell the past couple days. I dont know if I'm 100% in love with it. I do like how much more tucked in I can get on it. The factory tank is pretty damn big which is great for daily use but not needed to go 1 mile at a time.



Long ago, back when flip phones where a thing and blogs were hot, my brother gifted me this cb350 twin. Although it was more of a cb350 zero cause the engine was missing but the roller was good and the title was there. I've dragged this thing through 4 houses and two different shops in the hope that one day I'd get to ride side by side with my little brother on his mint green 350. I've never had a real true affinity for the little hondas till recently, but now there is just something about them that is so much fun. Being on lockdown I finally have the time to finally tune it in and get it ready for the open road again. I am not looking forward to the line at the secretary of state once this is over and I actually transfer the title into my name.


Scrap Yard Choppers

Video from good friend Ronnie Whitt of chopped bicycle. 
Ronnie and his father have been making cool art out of there sign shop for years.
I am always impressed when i walk in the shop and see there newest project.
truly artist.


Dear summer weather, i miss taking "naps" on boats, riding motorcycles and fire sword fights all in your warm embrace. Please come back soon, i'm not mad at you and i won't ask what you did while you were gone. I just miss you.