creep cycle works

creep cycle works build serial number 001


yellin at dogs

Why the fuck did you put milkbones in the oil tank? that makes no sense!

JADA 1 up for grabs

ok seriously someone has to buy this bike. 15,000 or best and its yours
2002 swift bar chopper
Jerri springer front end
CCW Custom Cut wheels
113 ss motor
merc balanced flywheels
nhrs flowed heads
custom powdercoated cases and heads
primo belt drive with iam lockup clutch
baker 6 speed
moon eyes oil bag
custom bent ss oil lines
one off leatherwork
and a bunch more just call and ask
734 426 7000

weld grind repeat

some more work on carls springer.

Dyno time!

today we rolled in harlans cbr 1000 and stevei-d's kawa 636 and put them to the test on the dyno. 134.4 hp and 77.4 tq for the cbr and 103.2 hp and 44.6 tq for the 636. It was a good time considering i got to beat the fuck out of two of my buddies bikes and they didn't bitch about it. Instead i got a thank you out of the deal.

summers close

damn i miss riding


bubble shield

and a cute girl, yeah life is good

alien tank

all kinds of modifications on a tank that is older than me on a 06 sporty.

im a terrible camera man

but this pipe looks too cool not to post. bassani head pipes all sliced up and mated to a titainuim r6 can.

Holy brakes batman!

6 hundred bit changes later, give or take a few. They are off at the powder coater for some lovely gloss black coloring

carls 73 ironhead

another one off build from the boys at ccw stay tuned for updates, next time you see this it will be a roller

leather work?

yeah we can do that


into a crash

pay up or be bikeless

canceled checks will not be tolerated

oh shit

i think i did this lowering kit wrong

watch this vid

kyle on his cr250, fun stuff

old red