Ironhead Forward Controls

Ironhead forwards that work well for a change, all i had to do was build them


Justin Townes Earl

 Dumbass brothers

Caught Justin Townes earl w/ shovels and rope at the magic stick the other night, had a way cool time with my brothers, miss amber, and rob.Check them out if you haven't, they put one an awesome live show.


Last night

 Drunken fools
Holding up this bike with my cock

Well last night is a bit fuzzy but i do know that it was a retarded amount of fun. Some black chickie wanted steves nuts in a bad bad way she even braided his beard for him. Eron rocked the buell, bought some drinkables, and played an excellent wingman. I met this cool chickie then rode every dirt road i could find on the way back from a2 to pinckney. Tonight is grandmas b-day and then the dream cruise.


fix your wagon

problem solved. dont worry it looks way better after the tubes were finished off

Riding with friends


Dear Paughco

Fuck You! drain plug nails the frame.



internal wires, clutch line, brake line, and throttle cable



Baker DD7

reflective crotch shot for the ladies

124" dyno run

114 hp 132 tq Not bad considering he is running crappy rinehart true dual pipes with no baffles. i really don't much care for rinehart. 


i thought something smelled of awesome, pretty sure it was the bike.

Spent some time on pigpens shovel last night, finished up the pipes, tried out some new seat, tank and bar combos. Really liking the new apes, solo seat look. I'll get some pics of it with the prism tank up later over at the damn bandits blog.