Upgraded iron cross audio with true rca outputs and cross overs along with a input for your mp3 that will also charge it Oh and it has custom orange backlighting to match the color of the bike. All hooked up to polk auido speakers front and back with a set of tweeters and a vibe amp from england located in the saddlebag so the detachable tourpak will still be detachable. So yeah we do audio too.


took these shots of the latest sporty build down on huron river drive. Rides pretty nice its even kind of nimble for haveing as much rake and stretch as it does. Overall very happy with the way she turned out.



Team Half Fast out of ypsi


Check out their sweet three piece heads


cranked up

marty seting up bearing endplay. marty is a damn cool guy and works for beer.


A.R.P stainless 12 points


got the gooseneck frame back from powder today. its shiny.

wide glide

got the proper front end on the sporty today a super cool 48-E77 FL with a sporty drum brake.

race carbs

new carbs for larry's cb750A

Bawk bawk

this is the look you get drilling into pretty paint
this is the look of being comfortable drilling giant holes in an expensive bike
checking to make sure they are indeed holes,yep they sure are

                                                                              tweet tweet tweeters.


1200 Iron


don't worry about the shavings, this motor is gonna eat lighting and crap thunder.

high class packing

wood performance sent us a set of cams and their new directional lifters. awesome product, quality packing, and just straight up cool people. Now if they just included cigars and scotch i'd never buy any other cam ever.

stay true

16" front drum for b-girls bike. Black powder and stainless spokes.

orange, black, and awesome

threw the tank on the bike this afternoon to see how she looks. I'm really diggin the paint on  this bike, george did a hell of a job picking the color on this one.



Went to fire up my bike today and the battery was dead, no biggie still had enough juice to bump start if needed but i really didn't feel like doing that especially since the apt complex i live in has jump boxes that they will lend out. So i walked over to the office and they were closed, bummer. On the way back to the bike i noticed that the maint. door was open and someone was working so i popped in and asked if he would be able to help me out. The reply i got was "no man, were closed and im just on call today. The office will open back up at 8:30" am. And this guy rides, hell he rode his bike in today, so i told him thanks a for the lot of fuckin help and proceeded to run my ass off trying to bump start the the sporty. Third try and it lit. All the while this bozo is watching me do this and when it fires he hops on his bike waves and rides off. Ya know what FUCK YOU. I've hopped off exits on the highway spun around the other way and stopped just to ask if they need a hand when i see someone broke down. there hasn't been one time when i haven't stopped to at least see if i could help out. This seems to be a lost courtesy, and really it pisses me off. When i wrecked my bike i had at least a dozen people who saw me go down drive right on past, two people stopped one who saw me go down, a really kind old gall in a lifted dodge and a tow truck operator who saw me standing on the side of the road. And to all you asshats who want to wave and call me brother but won't help a man when he's broke down. Sell your bike, drive your cage and try not to kill me with it. In this age of cell phones, gps, alien satellite tracking systems, its still nice to connect with real people, even if your can't help fix the bike stop and offer a smoke, drink, or even just say good luck to ya, glad your ok. Because when its your turn to sit on your ass and wait for a rescue your gonna wish people cared too.

Oh and my charging wire shorted to ground and blew the 30 amp fuse, all fixed and ready to roll on. stay safe folks.

frame mods

Changed this 80 sporty over to a single downtube. along with some one off forward controls.

b-girls sporty

finally coming together



finishing up the mock up on chris's sporty. 38* rake, with a DNA springer.. Custom Ali baba style front tank mounts. check back in a few days to see it all powdered up and rockin out.