autorama 2010

some old pics

my sporty in myrtle beach before i fucked it all up by changing everything, sometimes i think i should have left it alone. 5/08
cruising the mini chop back in 07

sethro doing some stripe work


booze is good for

getting classy pictures


this thing just screams "come on kids crawl into my super cool creeper van." but its still cool as hell.

i'm not really sure whats going on here

pretty sure yelling at your brakes won't make them work any better.....niether will eating them


this is how i feel, but with snow.


Done and on its way to the beach

Pm softail controls on a sporty. lil modification needed but they kick so much ass you'll probley go blind.

shot of the race sporty before i did the test launches in the shop then sent it down to daytona. Good luck to ya phil

air ride working and just about ready to come of the lift for the first time. the exhaust is all stainless steel and should change colors beautifully.

first test fire of the bike, sounds great in person

Also If your Interested this bike is up for sale
e-mail baddog287@yahoo.com for more info.
seriously awesome bike.


black and white makes anything look classy

johnny cash says fuck paint
om nom nom nom eatin metal all day long

stainless and stickers, a great combination plus you can keep your tools in there

56 flathead

Sporty sportster

air ride just like a caddy

voyeur throttle housing

god created brembo and then he rested
and while he was resting the Chinese ripped off his design

sweet forks

dig the details on the rockerboxes.