Have a good weekend

probably taking friday off so here ya go


ummm yeah, not really sure what to say about this. amazing.... i think.


getting there

gotta get her done if im gonna ride it cross country.

Rons Sweet shovel

i love this primary

all high end shit for sure, baker 6-4 trans, rolling thunder frame, rolling thunder springer, kustom Tech hand controls (they give my a woody) chopper shocks seat springs, mammoth spoked wheels. Gonna rework the motor a touch, make some mid controls, tank mounts and what not. Cant wait to see the tank he has for this thing. Oh and if anyone needs some oversized custom made XR-1000 pistons they are right behind the hand controls.

Chicks and cars

My younger brothers chickie amber painted this for him. He found himself a good one for sure.

Sporty Eyebrow Speedo

Even though it looks like i didnt do anything (which is awesome) this lil bastard has about 4 hours worth of cutting, filing, welding, and about 5 minutes worth of thought. Notice the lil hump on the bottom side of the speedo, yeah fill, grind, repeat. Its counter sunk into the brow also. Still needs final sanding and powder coat but i really dig the way this turned out.



Detroit Love Muscle Recording

Friday night we all shot over to pats place to start the recording for the 2 latest DLM songs. I guess no one told pat as he was rather suprised to see me show up with a fifth of vodka and redbulls. But anyways after moving a bunch of shit around and taking a piano upstairs, the guys got down to bussiness... ya know drinking smoking and bullshitting followed by some music getting played. Rob and i manned the sound room and tried to figure out what the fuck we were supposed to do, hitting a record button is harder than it sounds. Well its really not but we did a good job of fucking it up once or twice. 

Above is the link to the facebook page, give them a listen. The recording on the page are from the live recording session at groovebox studios.

Oh and frank if you want to steal any of these pics for the band page have at them


here in my high tech spray booth you can see that i am laying down a sweet mixture of krylon gloss black and clear. Been far to long since ive seen this thing with some shine on it.

Oh and Ryan, your still gonna do my tins