my new leather machine

a 1925 singer 99, this machine is so awesome. 88 years old and works like champ. I just need to get some better thread, i have been having some issue with it fraying when i'm running leather through it. But yeah, its a beautiful piece of history.


truck scrapin' day

today will be a good day

impatiently waiting

spring better show up soon.

cat sitting

I went down to the city the other night to go hang out with this adorable little bitey bastard the other night while C. was out of town. We watched "fastest" a documentary following Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies, ect. i recommend it. I also got a chance to enjoy night view of Detroit and Windsor. Pretty damn nice relaxing night.


steve was having this little problem of all his oil disappearing from the tank into the lower end of his motor. I found the machined hole that the pressure valve sits in had this nice groove in it allowing the oil to sneak around the oring and bypass the valve altogether. This was a brand new pump from harley and the donor body that he brought in has the same groove in it from the casting process but it is further down the bore and the oring can seal against a smooth surface. silly bullshit.


My buddy justins newly camaro green painted inner fairing. So far its been getting a bunch of hate at the shop. Me personally? i like it and i think it will get a bit more love once the outer fairing and windshield go on. He is also getting memphis audio 5.25" speakers, 6ix rca outputs, pm speaker grills, and a 400 watt amp. You'll be able to hear Merle Haggard from a mile away.

battery box

i still have quite a bit of shaping and smoothing to do, but you get the idea. These anti gravity batteries are insanely light. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it performs.


Pictures by harlan

He stopped by the shop the other day and hung out while I did some work. I'll have some finished up photos soon.