A few More from the saints show

 (pictured above: Drunk guys)

My buddy harlan Showed up, hes like a brother to me... that looks like jesus... and kinda smells funny. He's pretty much awesome.His chickie took these pics on her phone. It blows my mind that phones take good quality pictures

 what a bunch of suckas
 moments before joe swung on that ratchet strap and nailed us in the balls
and my buddy ryan had a birthday party for his kid tyler, actually he insisted that it wasnt his birthday and it was a motorcycle party, with pinatas, water ballons, nerf guns and beer. It was a good time. My friends are awesome.


Ts 185 Suzuki

Ive been looking for an old dirt bike for a little while now and i spotted this mother fucker up on the craigslist for $150 obo, so in the morning i hopped in truckula and rolled down to the dudes place to check it out. When i talked to him on the phone he was pretty adament about the fact that it was pretty crappy and was not a show bike by any means and that he was TN. but his brother would be there. Well i pull in and im greeted by a dude with no shirt jeans and south park boxers. I looked it over and yeah its kinda crappy. the coil is missing, along with all the lights and oil injection unit but it feels like its got compression and its old so i said fuck it, threw him 120 bucks and tossed it in the truck. i found a coil on the ebay along with a front chain sprocket and other lil bits i might need for it. This things gonna be retarded fun.





Its got safety tubes and i aint scared

 check the heads
Yeah it isn't a hot rod lincoln but it does have suicide doors. Spike a.k.a Cpt. Fuck you stopped by today with his merc, this car is pretty fucking awesome. Ive been telling him to drive it by for about 3 years now and pretty stoked i finally got to check it out.


listen up fuckers

Instead of telling someone who rides a motorcycle how dangerous it is; Look twice before switching lanes, making turns, or pulling out of a drive way. Stay on your side of the road, especially in corners. Don't follow too closely. Keep your eyes on the road and off your cell phones. If you care about someone who rides a motorcycle

Detroit Love Muscle

yeah we fucking rocked it out last night with hello kelly and the afternoon round. Drank until i puked, avoided getting arrested (cop thought i was gonna steal a 4 story scaffolding setup for some reason) and had a great time with some really good friends. Thanks to all who showed up, my brother for driving me home, steve for the breakfast at abes and miss amber for taking pics of it all.


i miss the sun

burn in hell rain

pretty new wheel

got the wheel back for my pops bike, shiny shiny black


Son of a bitch

Just read that my favorite jackass died this morning, rest in peace Mr. Dunn


Bought this today

Stay tuned for a install and review hopefully it solves the issues ive been having with my rubbermount hardtail being not fun to ride latley

Hells Yeah

New guy

New Kid Paulie working on his whip, hes gonna get all the bitches



Puttin in work

 buffing out a fender
 look at these two monkeys, new sprocket and chain on the xs for more police chase speed