hey steve i have made some look worthy progress on your beloved xr.

dont worry i used tools other than the hammer to put this together.


400 bc/ flake kings

Gus from 400 bc sent me this for guessing how many cases of beer can fit into a bmw. Thanks man the stickers patch and mag are all amazing

mint 350

my lil brother just picked up this sucka the other day for $(top secret) from this old dude he knows, he said the clutch was messed up, so he snagged it up and two ours later we were up and racing it down the street. Its almost sickening how nice and original this is, the turn signals, horn, hi-lo, everything works perfect. all orignal parts too short of the clutch cable, but he aslo got a nos silver clutch cable with the parts bike he got with it.  yeah he got a parts bike too. Wade might be selling it in a little while, if your interested in buying it leave a comment and i'll get back at ya.

larrys automatic honda chop

yeah thats right an automatic. I finaly got the tank back from the painter. i still have to finish tuning it up. We added a set of cycle x carb manifolds with mikuni round body carbs, should work way better than the old stock setup. I also added in turn signals with running lights on the front. Stay tuned for final pics and dyno numbers.


ghosts of projects past




man i wish i had these still. oh well another day another project to buy and sell.

readers rides

terrys bad ass camaro is up and running.

found my inspiration

looking forward to this winter, i need someone to motivate me to actually do some cool shit to my 77 linc. im tired of the brown and rust coloration. so in other words hey pigpen keep bugging me about fixing the tc.