David bird hardtail

I really love this hardtail, I'll say that right off the bat. The quality of it is dry high, all the welds look really good and the instal is really straightforward.  I was going to do a how to artical  but honestly there isn't any need. The two pages of directions are all you need to do this job. I know some people are hesitant to hard tail their bike due to cutting the backbone and lower legs. I'm not saying that is a bad way to do the job, it does end up looking cleaner and has a nice flow. But for the high quality, low price and ease of install you can't really beat this thing. They run between 285 and 325 plus shipping depending on what bike they fit. Nothing beats a hand made frame in my opinion but I can say without a doubt I will continue using these hardtails. Pick one up at lowbrow or from us for you Michigan folks. just be prepared to wait about a month for it to hit your doorstep as they are made to order. 

Dragster stuff

Mounted up a 2 quart tank and a fiberglass tank shell for chip over at half fast racing.



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Bagger Rake kit

The gents over at sik pipes built this very nice roadking using our rake kit. Looking good guys


Swap meet

found a lot of cool stuff at the Novi swap meet this weekend benelli mini bike.
also triumph choppers, lots of Harley parts old Hondas waiting to be chopped or just back on the road,
 nice running single cylinder BSA, some cool KTM 350 enduro for cheap, and
a Yamaha TT 500 ice racer that i am still dreaming about. 
Next time i go i am going to need a bigger pocket of money.
sorry i did not get more pictures but the there was a sea of people in black, and you had to bump and fight your way though just to look at stuff.


David bird hardtail.

Looks super nice so far, we'll see how it fits in a bit