The Black Keys new album

http://www.theblackkeys.com/elcamino/  < 5 of the tracks available for listening


 prepping the 2010 for a procharger, new pistons, stronger cases, diamond cut heads and cylinders, baker 1.5pan and a shit ton of other stuff.

And on a unrelated note.... boooooobs

Bar Night with friends

 fuckin hipster
 bar straw flower
 cute couple

Tried to get a shot of alexa smacking this chick on the ass

My brothers ride

My lilttle brothers chopper, all he does is ride the piss out of this thing, howell to dearborn every damn day, plus all his other fun riding he does.He went through two cop tires this summer, we think he was avg.1k a week. I love this kid.

Wheels for sale 09+ bagger and 84-99 16" set

The 09+ look gold but its just my camera, they are really shiny chrome. Hit us up 734-426-7000. 


been chasing one of these for a while, got a hell of a deal on this one. Also picked up the cam w/mag drive i was needing for the 69 xlch for 5 bucks. i love swap meets. Thanks billy!

entertains me everytime i watch this


It lives... and kills

Watch and wish you had as much fun as these kids


Rocket 4

My buddy harlan has been keeping busy with fun projects like this



Picked up a new project on the cheap. Cases and trans look good so far. Fins are a bit droopy but i think they might work