Monoshocking the ironhead

I got the two sideplate supports  machined out today, I really wish I had a cnc setup but a bandsaw, a Bridgeport, and some hand files will do me just fine. I'm hoping to have a ohlin shock by the end of next week and get started on the aluminium subframe assembly.


Its friday

So here ya go you perverted bastards 


1980 sporty

Working on a new project

Plate mount

Just like everything else on this  bike, something simple.

Sexy bitch

So sad I had to blast her off, but it's choppy chop time

Black & white

Almost done


this kid

he got himself his AMA licence a bit ago. Good on ya buddy.


This thing is a pretty much a really shitty dirty paperweight now.

battery strap

Real simple battery strap and battery box for the sporty project.


happy birthday

this sly cat just turned twenty one. Happy birthday baby brother!
i couldn't find any pictures of the drinking games, broken glasses, dancing or vomit so i guess these pre party ones will do.

brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug!

the family photo


sporty project

motorcycles are dumb but i still love em



My granddad

I'm not sure I ever even met the guy to be honest with you. If I did I was way too young to remember. My brother found these in an old photo album. The bike picture is from 51, I think it's a cz but I'm not quite sure. I really wish I had some of those deathtrap rocket skates.


Detroit Autorama

Saturday we went down to Detroit to move chryssa into her fancy pants new loft. Luckily the new apt is only about 2 miles from cobo so we went down to check out the autorama after we unloaded all of her crap out of the vans.

 Really cool supercharged 750 triumph LSR. I talked to the builder for a while, super nice and knowledgeable gent. Hopefully i run into him again sometime.
 i have a thing for old wagons
 Hank williams jr's pontiac that was built for him when he was 14. I think had somewhere around a trillion guns on it.
 350 Honda for my brother to drool on
 This car was unreal. superb craftsmanship.
 I need to get the rest of the pictures from chryssa of this thing. It'll get its own post. Such a strange little bastard.

 mater showed up, i tried to get an autograph but neither of us had sharpies. Bummer. 

 slammed to the ground, i had chryssa stand next to it to show how ridiculously low it is. Plus she is all pretty and stuff.

I'll try to get the rest of the show pictures up soon. I really dug the show and wish we had a bit more time to check out some stuff a bit closer. There is always next year though.