Old Indian board track racing

Take a minute to watch this and reflect on how hardcore bad ass these guys are.


107 twin cam with bub true duals

Video for Mr. Carver. 107" Big bore cylinders, diamond cut jugs and heads, better valves, bigger bump sticks,  bubs true dual pipes, and thundermax tuner.


Oil tank beginnings

Stainless steel oil bag mounted on the swingarm. I'm going to build the swingarm brace to act as a cage to protect the precious life blood in case i wreck the crap out of it when i jump the snake river canyon.

Raking out a 2010 Road Glide

Installing another one of our bagger rake kits, this time on a 2010 Roadglide. This girl is getting a custom cut 26 and matching 5.5x18 Rear. Getting ready to weld her up and keep moving forward on the project


We made a movie film

Thank you harlan for doing this for us. You rule buddy

MonoShock Monday

Working on making some changes to the ass end of the sporty. Plans for the future 
1. underslung battery between frame and swing-arm.
2. Figure out where the fuck i'm going to put an oil tank. Possibly mounted to the swing-arm on the left side incorporated into swing-arm bracing or some sort of front mounted dealie.
3. Stainless tail section with chick seat... maybe...
4. Better rear brake master mount
5. put on new rear tire
6. Maybe change the bars a bit
7. Put it all together
8. ride it.
9. jump it


Teaser shots

Just finished up the photoshoot for the bagger, stay tuned for the full shoot and video. Pre Order yourself a deathwish shirt and if you really want you can buy the jacket she has on. Show your deathwish support.


V-twin expo

So this year i really didn't take fuck all for pictures, so this is the expo presented through the eyes of my friend nicole. (hey nicole i stole all your facebook pictures for the blog, thanks hun) We had a blast this year the last two pics are of our bike that we built being displayed in the hells foundry booth. Quite honestly some crazy shit went down, cops got involved, i got far to drunk and lost, steve-o ended up across state lines and i pissed on some fancy stores front door at three in the morning and ended up back at my hotel room half naked. I can't go into too much detail for legal reasons. You're just gonna have to come party with us next year if you want the full story.