Well Fuck me

alright I'm going to born free, my chick split on me today, happy fuckin new year. Pretty pissed off about that, id split to go on a ride right now but it seems as though my bikes are in itty bitty pieces and ready for primer. So anyone who wants to join me is welcome. Otherwise I'm gonna take a sweet solo cross country ride.


ooo pretty

love the frame on this... and the rest of it too.


Born Free 3

So other other day i moved out of my chicks place, we have been arguing a bunch as of late so we decided to take a lil break get back in touch with reality, ya know get to know ourselves and shit like that. We are still together but we are just kinda doing our own thing, not attached at the hip, can't do shit without the other one having to be there too kinda crap. So it got me kinda revved up and i wanna hit born free this year. Pigpen over at the damn bandits has been hinting at going, and even though its 5 months away im pretty stoked about doing this. I know my brother would be down to go either on his super sweet chop or his mint 73 honda 350. Hopefully tim over at death science can finish up the trike and ride that out, it would be pretty cool to meet up with him again. And maybe i can convince my lovely lady sara to ditch work for like a week and ride out there with us(maybe i'll even have her damn bike done). So basically yeah pigpen, eron, pat, ryan, sara, rachel, john, and any other fucker who wants to do a cross country roadtrip lets figure this crap out, those of you with dogs just lay down a tarp in the basement, toss like 3 bags of dogfood in the middle and lets roll. Free hugs to all that go.

maybe we can fix old motorcycles with a stick and a rubberband along the way.


we always though zeke was a weimaraner but this has got me convinced that he is a lab. For those of you that know his goofy tweeker ass you would agree



Norton USA

Just read that the new Nortons are coming to the good ol U.S.of.A. 
I for one am pretty stoked to see that.
At first glance these bikes look pretty fucking awesome, they defiantly stayed true to the old Norton ways of building shit to go fast and look awesome doing it. The motor looks sooo damn nice too, perfect cam chest, a beautiful gear box and primary, high end brakes and suspension. But something just feels wrong about the lack of a kicker on it, plastic switch housings look like...well crappy plastic switch housings, and the starter looks out of place, looks easy to get to, but out of place. I need to say that i haven't seen one in person yet but i really hope to get a chance to check one of these out soon. And if i find myself in a position to buy one its defiantly up there on my list of things i want to own.


Polaris sportsman 700...holy shit

which came first the hole in the case or the busted teeth and chain? the world may never know. But i do know that when this happens that it makes angry sounds. And thank you polaris for making the gearbox and engine cases separate, seriously thank you.

Rons purple people eater


Honda QA50 K1 Mini Bike For Sale

1974 Honda QA50 K1 For sale, runs and drives great. Serious fun. Brakes are good, tires fair, show them lil bastards that you care. Buy this sucker for the kids and have a few drinks and cruise it around yourself, you know you want to.
call us at 734-426-7000
bike is located in whitmore lake michigan.
south of brighton north of ann arbor.

99 Harley Electra Glide Classic For Sale

99 Electra Glide Classic
Ultra Classic sheet metal
Clear Salvage title
Twin cam
15k on the clock 19k on motor 
Runs, drives, stops, looks good.

Make her yours For $5,000 Or best offer 
Call Wheels or George @ 734-426-7000

Or email us at info@conspiracycycles.com

Workin on my pops bike again

started in on fixing some issues with my pops bike. Just a lil recomendation if your planning on building a rigid chop with a girder and putting a absolute madman behind the bars go with a lil bit smaller motor than a 127" or build the fuck out of everything that you think might break and all the things you think should be bullet proof, just beef them all up. But anywas, i cut the dakota digital dash loose along with the headlight mount, both of which were mounted directly to the bars. So i cut those bungs off and re smoothed and polished the bars again, stainless is awesome.... as long as you don't have to work with it all the time. I remounted the headlight down onto the fork, i think it looks waaay better. Gonna mount a speedo off the rear rocker box i think. I also had the kinda crazy idea of frenching it into the S&S air cleaner i think there is just enough room. Stay tuned for more.


Softail bag fillers

Rons Heritage softail. we picked up a set of police bags and built these aluminumn bag fillers with  about 20 billion holes in them for led lighting. Its also got a bad dad headlamp nacelle with a really cool bubble light out of a new jeep wrangler. Its also got a bunch of other trick shit like internal throttle, interally run brake and clutch lines and internal wiring. Yeah its a tight fit but it works.


screwing around with the camera

workin on my pops bike

doing some updates on my pops bike, better brake lines, fixing a couple of mounting brackets, swapping the digital speedo out for a nicer looking anololog setup and a few other small things.

Baker DD6 Instal

Piggyback dance

everyone loves a drunk steve


what a shit night, driveway iced over and i slammed the ass end of my 77 town car into a tree and busted my taillight lense, so its cold, icy, and my beloved car got a lil fucked up. What does that have to do with the bike pictured above? well i started thinking my happy thoughs so i wouldn't grind my teeth out of my head and i remembered this bike. Its one of the very first motorcycles i can remember taking a ride on. My buddy kyle's dad used to buy and sell classic bikes when i was a kid. Well one day he rolled up on one of these and asked if i wanted to go for a ride. hell yeah, its been a bout 15 years since that short cruise around the block and i still remember the way that bike sounded and felt. Makes me smile when i think about it. maybe thats why i love old death trappy motorcycles


street tracker sportster for sale

2004 1250 sportster street tracker
240 rear tire
120/90/21 front
custom cut wheels
GP front end with custom cut trees
renthal fat bar
joker machine race throttle
magurera hydraulic clutch
PM Contour forward controls
millenium 1250 kit
daytona twin tech ign
one off rocker boxes
Custom hand stitched seat
Air ride rear suspension
PM front caliper
PM rear sproter
Basicaly a bunch of really cool stuff.

Contact wheels at 734-426-7000


And the ugly

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kinda really sucks that joeys jeep is in the background on this shot but fuckin A is that bike pretty or what?

Mettys Monster 122" sportster

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one day she shall return to the salt

Dyna wide glide for sale

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99 dyna wideglide
95" twin cam with cams, SE 2-1 exhaust, edelbrock nitrous system, HSR mikuni carb, 180 rear tire, custom fiberglass rear fender and more.

Just a really nice damn motorcycle

Contact Marti at 734-426-7000
asking 10k or possible trade for equivalent FORD hotrod project

heritage softail for sale

1989 Heritage softail
Fresh top end
custom paint
good looking bike
Call 734 426 7000 for details

Located near ann arbor michigan

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