crashing sucks

its hard to read but i got 70hp and 75 tq. coming up on pigpens numbers. still got some tuning to do to the pipe and a touch more adjusting to the carb.
this morning i managed to low side the sporty doing about 45 in front of the bar on my way to work. got a little heavy on the front binders trying not to hit a very stopped car. all in all pretty favorable outcome cause im not dead and the damage to the bike is limited. but after i crashed i pulled it into the dyno room to make it more faster. sometimes i think im retarded.

scratched my paint

weight reduction on the axle

hard to see but i put a hariline crack in the bar.

i really fucking liked these grips too. had damn near 50k with this grips on the bike, they were just getting to the point where they were super comfy and sticky.

it still lives

miss sara

stopped by the shop to check on her bike and get money from me cause thats what girlfriends do. i think she digs it.


almost ready for paint

got pretty much all of everything done fab wise. thinking british racing green with gold or silver off center racing stripes. Ordered up some of the necessary parts today, still need to decide what tires i want to run, id love to run dual sports but i don't think it would look quite right.

time capsule shovel

pretty sweet shovel has been sitting indoors for the last 12 years i believe. Time to get it back on the road.

Screaming eagle ultra

took the rocker cover off to check out what sounded like a pretty loud lifter tick and before i got into checking the lifters i found this. two of the four bolts holding down the rocker block on both front and rear cylinders were loose. But the front was pretty well fucked.


Its zombie time

Made some progress on the zombie bike today. Sara is taking her cycle safety course at the end of the month and i am gonna try to have this really close to being ready for her by early may.
added in some side plates a battery tray and one really high foot peg. Its an idea i stole from zee germans, on beemers and such they give you a nice little grab handle to help you lift the bike up onto the center stand.

up next is a licence plate mount and the seat pan. I was originally gonna run this fiber glass tail section straight out of the 70's but miss looper didn't like it, oh well. If she is gonna pilot this this thing she might as well like the way it looks. It always sucks to ride a bike you think is ugly.but anyways im thinking going the traditional looking brit bike seat look but shorter and abit more low profile.

well i started out by mounting up a old chrome 21" front fender that's been laying around for quite a while. Sitting atop the new chromie fender is a old turn signal from my sporty. The mufflers are also some old pieces from my first set of pipes on the sporty. Im still not totally diggin the stock tank on it, it just looks too damn long, if it ended right at the carbs i think it would look way better.

this was where i started at this morning

friday post on saturday

Huron rigid drive

my view coming into work yesterday, i love dirt roads.


3 passions

My Wife...My Daughter...Bad Ass Scooters...only one is " FOR SALE" Call 734-426-7000 to find out more or leave a comment here w/ your info!

Grape Softail Dash

As you can see Hosford made the raw metal dash on his pullmax and english wheel, but had to redo it to make it sit back and up on tank...I'm making the raw metal fit the tank perfectly ...no speedo in the dash, but it will have detail, cause I can't leave shit alone!

Ronny C's Grape Softail

From Conspiracy Ccycle Works skunkworks is this Softail bagger project. Hosfords raw dash being fitted to tank, Yogi's softail saddlebag brackets, various police dept.,s saddlebags(to be painted to match), Baddad's headlight nacelle, lowered front fender barrio style, many tricks to come!


new sissy bar

today i decided to acctually work on my own damn bike and try to get some shit done. I hated the sissy bar that i had on this before, it wasn't straight, pretty weak and to be honest pretty shitty looking. Im much much happier with the new setup, strong, symetrical and pretty good looking too. Plus i'll be able to strap waaaay more shit to it.

Bagger Apes

installed a set of 16" apes for wheels pres of sons of god mc. oh and we also built him a super sweet twin cam 107 stroker. pretty bad ass bagger overall.


i got a new mustache

our newest family member reagan

Thundercats are go!

pigpens bike got tuned in last night jumped up from 55hp and 73ftlbs to 70hp and 82ftlbs o' tq. N4 cams, twin tech ign, forcewinder A/C and some drag pipes.