diet time

chopping up the 69 xlch motor for project ironfist. Next steps will be finding a sealed bearing for the countershaft, weld up the oil passages, weld in a filler cap and vent for the trans, and redo the engine case vent. shouldn't be too hard. Looking forward to getting the frame designed and built. I'd like to get a set of 18's or 19's hoooked up to hydraulic drums front and back, Rigid frame with a mild drop seat, split oil and gas tanks, a super custom vl springer. I'll post up a sketch of whats stuck in my brain in a few days.


chop chop chop

getting ready to do some machining on project ironfist. Gonna shave off the mating surface for the primary cover and run it as a true open primary. And luckily if this doesnt work for some reason i can always cut the trans off and stick a baker six speed behind it.

The tcklr

my lil brother built some new forward controls for his bike. After three years of constantly fucking around with and fixing some pile of shit exell controls we came up with something that should be pretty damn bulletproof.

the last few weekends

we worked on steves bike
then we spent about 5 hours shooting the shit

then we could cut parts off of bikes and weld new stuff on.
but now steves bike is finished check back for pics of it.

lil oleski frame

justin doing some cutting and welding to make his frame a bit more comfortable.

heat sheild

full stainless heat shield/ exhaust support

good work ain't cheap, cheap work ain't good

late friday post


well i was making progress on the 06

then i slammed it into 4th did a 180 and hauled ass in the opposite direction. I decided late tonight to tear down the 69 motor for project ironfist so we can figure out exactly what we are gonna need before it goes out to powdercoat and so i can do some cool machining stay tuned for more

ThunderTrapp exhaust

super short
made up alittle chain roller to protect the oil tank

take one set of bassani true duals, one thunderheader, and some super trap end caps and viola you can have a thundertrapp. I really can't wait to hear this conglomeration of expensive exhausts.


spring is here

i should really work on my sporty instead of taking pictures of it

friday is here again


fuel injected suicide machine

i want this


My new toy



wasted oil pump gear caused a whole mess of problems. the end of the cam literally parted itself from the rest of it. Damage count, head, rockers, cam, oil pump gear, valves, rocker box. i personally think it was a improperly hardened or lashed oil pump gear. oil pump itself looks mint. No signs of damage to it; its crazy.