Speed sensor modification

some of you may remember the post about the end of the trans mainshaft snapping off on this six speed. Well i have pieced together a 5 speed trans for it. The case had the boss cast into it for the speed sensor but not drilled, the original setup had the sensor in the trap door and well... that just wasn't gonna work this time around. Yea! for bridgeport!


Made some easy money with this hardtail kit, and still had time to work on my put-put game . Watch out for gaters.


Indianapolis motor speedway

so i had a chance go to the Red Bull Moto GP race this year
had a great time watching all of the racing 
as always in motorcycle racing there where some crashes
but i was very impressed that Casey Stoner came back the next day to finish 4th after this big crash the day before http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzL6CuWMtW8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

the AMA Vance and Hines xr1200 where really cool to see as well and 
the whole time I was thinking death wish needs a xr1200 race team
me: " you know why the car is following them with the lights on?"
gf: "no"
me: "motorcyclists are used to cops behind them. Thy see the flashing lights and it makes em ride faster. It's motivation!"
also got to go to the Icon stunt show in down town 
those guys put on one hell of a good show
it was a great time and a good trip, if you get the time and love motorcycles like we do 
get out to one of these events you'll be happy you did


seat i just finished up



new seat in the works

for the orange hardtail a post down



shop goings on

 pretty nifty looking sporty build that came in for a little bit of fixing
 tom's sweet old shovel got itself a new S&S super E and a full cycle electric charging system
 The tracker got itself some new powdercoat on the swingarm, wheels and brake caliper
getting this sporty up and running for its new owner, gonna do a springer, less stupid looking bars, and doing some really cool leather workings on the seat
getting ready to take care of the top end on this sporty and hopefully do some sweet wheelies.

hand made springer

Dennis is doing a fantastic job on his old servi car springer. He bent up the front legs and picked up some new rockers and started going nuts machining bits for it today. He still has some pretty cool plans for it that i'll share as he gets stuff done. It's gonna be a sweet setup for sure.