Chris Cambell sporty

This is the first bike i built with ccw. She started life as a stock 883 with a nice 1200 cc conversion. She is now far far from stock, and rides just as beautifull as it looks.


wall of death 08 myrtle beach

Ice queen

thos is the ice queen, its gone through a couple different styles and its not even done yet. and she even has those bitchen billet jugs i know you want but don't have.


can you believe they let me near this thing

too cool

Jada with Jada 1 and his badass old chevy pick-em up truck

the knockout and the creep

these are the first two bikes i built, ever

probley the coolest softail that i have ever laid hands on, i really dig this bike and randy always has a new piece on it when he drops by

scooter racing

poolside scooter race, the most dangerous sport next to bowling


the lil oleski chopper project, get off your ass and finish this thing man.

official bondo tool

me fixing the bondo on the triumph

oh shit triumph

i love this shot, i can just hear the gears grinding in his head.

Jada II

Jada II, a real fuckin chop



welcome to death wish industries. Stay tuned for more from Conspiracy Cycle Works and dwi, just as soon as i figure out how to work this damn site.