Its Too fucking hot out

get naked

Baker DD7

Everything that baker makes just looks straight sexy and works awesome. These suckas are the ticket for getting the newer baggers get out of their own way...... along with lots of motor work.

Piston Art


Wauseon bound

Well at least the pan is going, and thus far leak free

Bar NIght

I love cigar bars

going to prison

Harlan and i stopped by the ol' prison the other day to scout out a spot for his stunt bike vid that we want to shoot, its a pretty neat lil spot off the beaten path and royally fucked up already with every window smashed out, a totally destroyed pool table but really good cell service. The cbr was definatley digging it, she wanted to stay so bad that she quit running as soon as we pulled up. Luckily nicked showed up to bail us out witha few tools. Stay tuned for a pretty sweet video


Wauseon National 2011

Hoping to have this pan ready to rock tomorrow so its lucky owner can rock it down to wauseon, still trying to figure if im gonna make it myself. If you have the chance to hit it up its worth it. http://www.wauseonnationalmeet.org/

Sketchy yet awesome

looks like a wheelie machine

boobie tuesdays

 nice sneak attack wedgie


Sidecars are fun

Too bad he shut the camera down before i went and lifted the sidecar a few feet in the air blasting into the church parking lot.


Stupid Electricity

Stevos bike died the other night on the way home from the bar at about 3 am. I noticed all the missed calls after i got home and was getting ready to crash out for the night. No go on sleep yet, so i fired up truckula and went and picked his goofy ass up cause that's what friends are for..... goddamn choppers with their issues. All in all made it back home by about 5 something. At least i was able to snag a hash brown from the mcdevils.