slight wear

XR 1000 bottom end. new rods, crank pin and pistons. gonna save the flywheels. Thank god everythng in the bottom end is ironhead


Hey Pigpen

These are waiting for you, they are soo pretty

cincy 09

Get Ready For V-Twin Expo O-10
Bring cash for drinks, possibley strippers, and if your a total wuss food.
I'm A Moose!.......or a bunny i get those mixed up

He sure does

nicole has decided she is too good to join us this year


Goings on at Da shop

Frankenstien appoves this post

Wasted xr-1000 motor. Gonna breathe new life into this and it will be glorious. front rod has roughly 1/4" of up and down play and the rear rod is pretty well siezed. stay tuned for random and unorganized updates on this.

Jim Felarcas sweet ass 81 ironhead. Modified rigid frame one off fender, oil tank, plate mount, and exhaust. Super cool and mucho better looking than when it came to us.

B-girls bomber. Custom hardtail frame along with pretty much every other part that i can list. Should be done by march. gonna be a super duper sweet ride.

my brothers 79 being used to mock up a set of high pipes for steve hennis in ohio. gonna start making kicker pedels like this shortly. Twisted brass beauty. Hit me up if you want one.


sara and harlan and me

i like drinking scotch out of fancy glasses

i already miss my bike looking like this
super duper pan and model, so sad this bike got crashed

the 79 iron

dogs and rain alien

big sky

Thors hammer!

stolen from church of choppers, mucho credit to jeff wright for building this amazing white and gold beauty. I love this bike.

kickin ass and taking names

stolen from speedpracticeintheory.blogspot.com check em out.

Steves 24th or 25th birthday rocked either way he's old now

steve showing us how its done
notice harlan is sporting black socks as he run the bike into the wall instead of doing a burnie like the rest of us.

rob started it all by firing up the tractor, then i started up steves bike, that'll teach himto leave the keys in it.