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Steve acctually working on his stupid shovelhead! Final drive chain, belt drive and clutch set up and repairing a stripped hole on the trans mount. Also 300 series tires make for a really nice place to lay a bike on.

79 Shovel Restomod

making progress on daves shovel. This one's gonna be a looker

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead … what can we say, little is known about this motorcycle rode by Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Mark Reedus) but what I have found out from some research is and don't quote me because sometimes I am wrong, A LOT! Its a Hardtailed 71' Triumph with  69' motor it. Its nice to see they went with a dirty old triumph chopper (with the nazi SS on the side of the tank, scooter trash at its finest. Love it) and not some flashy thing like most TV and movies do. Just hope it shows people that a chopper doesn't have to be a Harley. Now all we want to know is who built this cool bike?

Hey its me

Hey there death wish people, its me Harlan Oleski i know you have seen pictures of me up here from time to time doing some silly shit, like just the other week when i had to make a key for my bike. whelp i will now be putting up words and stuff for you viewing pleasure.

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Intake Fix

 make plug
 press it in
weld it up and throw it on the bike


Thanks for Looking

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Memphis Audio 5.25"

Doing these bad boys for $115 Installed on your ride, super clean and clear sound, built in tweeters, and most importantly built in the states. You want a set? Hit us us 734 426 7000 or stop by the shop at 6690 whitmore lake rd, whitmore lake, mi.

The Timber Beast

Fresh paint on the oil bag and front fender, forward controls are almost back together, and the new bars are out to powder, soon she will be hauling ass down the road again.

Ironhead Carb Support

Pretty cool little honda chop

Twin Cam 97"

640G Cams, CnC ported heads, and lots of case griding to fit the massive cams.


1972 Chevy C-10 For Sale

This is my buddy jada's 72 chevy, she is a sweet old girl that he has put a lot of love into but he just doesn't have the room for her anymore. He has done a lot of stuff to this thing, chevy 350 with demon carb, brand new 700r4 4 speed to replace the old 3 speed, locking rear diff, undercoating, new rims, new tires, and a bunch of other little piddly shit that nickles and dimes you to death. 84k on the clock, less than 10k on the new trans and rear axle. He says he was getting about 18mpg out of the old girl. She does have a bit of cancer here and there but its all pretty easy to fix and has started within the last year. you can see it in the bed and door jams. The only other real issue is some jackass taco-ed the tailgate from the inside by putting too much weight on it. Looking to get 5500 or best offer. Hit me up at ethan.john.dean@gmail.com or text me at 734-845-2613


Solex Twin

Errrrrons XLFU. Super sexy carb to match the super sexy engine build



My baby brother spencer turned 20 this month. That boy parties like a champ, love ya brother.

Monday boobies