you ever have one of those days

where you go and do something like grab a sawlzall and start cutting up a unmolested servicar in a attempt to shoehorn a xl motor and trans onto a 56 servicar chassis? well i did today. those of you who know me, you guys know i hate trikes, well The other day i got a chance to ride a cool trike and it really sparked my interest in building one. Before all i had riden were garbage wagon trikes with bags, wndshields, suspension and all sorts of extra crap. the one i got to cruise around on was all kinds of bad ass. So heres the plan mod the shit out of the frame to fit this much bigger and more faster motor. wheelie machine in progress, slow progress. oh and sara says hello interweb world.


sorry i havent posted much

sorry i havent posted anything over the last few days but ive been busting my ass latley. 17 hour days and getting up at 6am. Why you ask? well i started filming motor city motors with the detroit brothers. Its a show similar to monster garage. I'm doing one episode with them as one of the builders. We are on day three and i gotta say these shows really do kick your ass,they make it looks so easy on t.v. I know its never as easy as it looks, but holy crap it really does take it out of you. James and dave are really cool guys and pretty damn talented. Ive seen some of the past builds and its amazing what these guys and thier teams acomplished. I cant tell you about any of the builds or what im building or how im doing on the show. you can guess, but your gonna just have to watch the series when it comes out. If you dont have the discovery channel....get it. But long story short i'll be geting back into ice queen mode on monday. Stay tuned for some sweet updates im getting antsy about the upcoming deadline so its time to haul ass