Supermoto racing

It was a cold windy day at Auto city speedway, but but we where still out there turning laps.


Helmet law?

Have heard the news Michigan changed the helmet law now you have the choice to put on a brain bucket or not, and we say thank you Michigan for being the 31st state to give bikers the freedom to do what they want. Be safe out there.

Water World

look out for these smokers.

going to be a good summer after we get these high performance motors going in the jetskis. got to love old 2 stroke motors.


Procharger 131 Twin Cam

She is getting closer to taking names and kicking ass. We spent today modifying the oil bud oil cooler to work with the baker +1.5 pan and the ghost pipe for the... i guess not true duals.... false duals? Anyways, a little bit of bracket realignment and a big notch in the pipe and its ready to rock. The rest of the day was pent making making a whole shitload of custom 12 point arp bolts to fit the primary, Each one had to have the flange lathed off and we needed an ultra thin wall socket to put them all in. A pain in the ass? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Looking forward to hopefully hearing it run by the afternoon.


Hey girl

funny thing I got in my email to day

Please support my race team

This is fun and all but i really need to be out on the track


Captain America

Wheels taking the captain america lookin deuce out for a ride.

Damn it.....

Took a nice little ride today down huron river drive and up through dexter. Its the first time ive been up dexter pinckney rd since the tornado ran through there. Its pretty strange seeing everything so bare. Unfortunately my favorite part of the ride got cut short by a busted belt, better now then on our upcoming trip. Thanks steve-o for picking me up and sorry eron for breaking the buell.

Happy Easter

Hope you find something nice in your basket


Big power

Procharged 98" King, throwing down 159 HP and 133 TQ, almost done with the tuning.


 starting to look like a real motorcycle
 fancy exhaust mount
happy owner


Black Vs. White

pretty sure these are the owners

BSA Flat Trackers

 441 Victor
 Hand built nickle plate frame
 bad ass fender support
 really clean and simple exhaust mount
 hand made hubs

 pure beauty
 the dude kept breaking master cylinder reservoirs so he built the frame to act as one

 the swingarm bike is destroked to 340 to run in the 300-400cc class
 breather venting and better shot of the reservoir
breather catch can


Diamond Cut Heads

Even the110 tag got the treatment, attention to detail for sure