Back home

well im back from L.A., had a insanely good time and i didn't take a singe picture. So here look at these chicks instead.

63 Ironhead dirtbike

speaking of odd shit with cams, took the cam chest off this bike to see if the timing was right (spent far to long kicking it after rebuilding the mag) found 3 P cams and 1 XL cam with a way shorter duration. Replaced XL cam with a spare P cam timed her in right and she is a champ, still kind of a bitch to start but i may just need to fine tune the mag. anyways cant wait to ride it in the morning, fuck yeah old mag sporties rule.

magical cams

so the other day i redid the top end on this 73 ironhead, all normal stuff new pistons, wrist pin bushing, gaskets and shit. All normal until i go to start it and it will only run on one cylinder. Do a compression check 0 psi on the front cylinder. Do a leak down test passes with flying colors. So after a while of sitting around scratching our balls and checking the cam timing about 8 billion times frank asks if i have another set of cams to compare these ones with, number 3 cam was mismarked from the factory by ohh about way the the fuck off or so. See the second picture for the correct cam timing. Fun shit, i feel bad for the poor bastard who had to do this at the dealership when it was brand new.



Stunt Cage

I wasted most of my day today building a stunt cage for my buddy harlans cbr, all that hard work was tottaly worth it being able to throw that thing over a couple of times. Its just such an odd feeling to toss a bike on its side, well for me anyways i know eron doesn't even notice when he tosses bikes over anymore.

Mile high

Pigpen and i started making up the sissy bar for his shovelhead this morning. For just eyeballing the majority of it, it has come out quite well thus far. gonna make the mounts up sunday then try and figure out what to do with it. i like the idea of throwing a few steel rings down it and putting a pontiac taillamp up in the roundy bit.


Evo Sportster Kicker Kits

Holy Shit yes. Go to the video link below this isnt one of those stupid electronic kickers that looks like the real thing. Real deal folks.


Led Sled kicks ass once again

Have a good weekend

She is a roller

got the sporty back into something that looks like a motorcycle, wiring is mostly done the rest will wait for the tins to be back from paint. Its all very hush hush top secret stuff. Ryan stopped by with the tank the other day to show off some ideas and he is absolutely killing it. Im so stoked, it will be the first time since 07 that she will have a legit paint job on her. That and i need to get a few parts nickel plated yet. Im not gonna know what to do with myself when its all ready. 

1953 Schwinn Phantom

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