Getting Classy

We Got ourselves some signage for the shop, looks all professional and shit now. Need to get some black lights to make the white sign look awesome at night

New whip

OH yeah, 89 chevy with a billion and a half miles but it gets me out of the rain and gives me a new spot to stick stickers


Got the New Faceplate for my old ass ipod, i love this thing ive been rockin it for about five years. Picked it up for 20 bucks and half a fifth of jack. About a week ago it took a pretty good hit to the sidewalk and the wheel quit working but i was able to pick up a new faceplate off ebay for 6 bucks and now it looks brand new and im super stoked. Old electronics kick ass.


hell yeah

went and saw some trials bike action yesterday and this lil kid stomped everyone

miss july

im just guessing cause the windows were tinted but im pretty sure im right


Everybody loves some David Mann Prints

Stole these from another blog. Ive got a few more that ill save for another day. Not sure how that last one got in there but i'm not gonna kick her out, would you?