2012 raked out ultra classic  

and just for fun

Hidden Saddlebag supports

rough mock-up. Gonna add some more bracing and details.


New life for old friends

So you have this bitchin old 3/4 with a blown lout liner and styromfoam that rattling around and fits so loose its like a sail choking the shit out of you at any speed above walking? Fear not, fellow collectors of old shit helmets. We just picked up some of these liners for the biltwell novelty helmets and in less than 10 minutes (most of which are spent deciding on sticker placement for your toolbox, bike, face, ect.) you can have yourself a like new lid again. Just strip it down to the shell (most helmets do this on their own) drop in the new liners and viola!  Its like a hug for your head, a gentle soothing hug. Now you can fully enjoy your vintage tweeker 70's painted lid again. They also work for people who have stupid big heads like myself, with the styrofoam safety bit i can't fit into pretty much any old helmet that i own, maybe i just picked up a bunch of medium ones? who knows? Anywho, this is the ticket right here. Oh and its cheap, like 20 bucks kind of cheap. fuck yeah, thanks biltwell!

Melvin Motorcycle Museum

took a little trip to Oscoda to see Michigan's only motorcycle museum
This is a very nice collections of antique motorcycles and memorabilia
I feel like they have a bit of everything and can only hope my collection is that nice one day
stated talking to one of the guys and got offered a job but i had to tell him as much as i word 
love to work there it wold be one hell of a drive and did not plan on moving right now.

there is so much cool stuff to see i did not want to leave 
I was glad i made the trip up to see it, and if you get the chance make the trip 
3950 Arrow st Oscoda  Michigan 48750




just look at this and think about how fucking cool it must have been to be there.



It makes my eyes burn to think about how much time went into doing these. Stolen from the chemical candy blog, check them out, tons of way cool pictures to surf through.


Ive been trying to find a pic of this bike all put together for a while now. I had run across the tank a while back and was just in awe at how crazy detailed it is. Who the hell built this thing?


get skinny

getting close, need to do the tunnel and fill in the old relocated petcock area and add in a custom gas cap

Bamboo bike

pretty cool check out the process here


been a minute

been a minute since ive posted any girly girls for you all to enjoy, so here ya go

131 Custom bagger


stainless tweeter cups
 tweeters with polished rings
 21" with dual left front brake

 tweeter cup/ fairing support
the secret to working late

What's that noise?

out riding and that little noise i have had for 3 years now got a lot louder
so i pulled out the trans again ( did not see anything 3 years when i did this)
 this time it was something. f*ing 4th gear !
well i think that's it. now to find the piece 
o there it is in the oil pan.

at times like this all i can do is laugh, order some parts, and get a new tattoo of a broke ass gear



This guy right here, if you ever see him take a minute out of your day to talk with him. Jada is the coolest old dude i have ever met and knows how to tell a story. Ask him about working at the hospital.

my lil brother

he got himself an old man cruiser

R60 BMW sidecar

china coin end cap