Haven't posted much of anything lately, not sure where the hell my camera went but i'll try and get some new content up soon. Till then here are a couple chicks

sweet trailer


Paint sneak peek

Yesterday ryan stopped by to show off the base coat on my tins. Super excited to get them back and cant wait to see them finished under a mile of clear

Sporty sportster

Finished up the speedo-brow combo,hydraulic clutch set up, new front brake line, custom seat, and good bye ugly old risers


Hot damn

I hope he has a tophat glued to his helmet

damn technology

booze and smokes

Midnight rider

It was still close to 70* at 1 am sunday night. I <3 motorcycles


Trans Work

What we have here is a 4 Speed evo sporty that i really wish i had my camera for before i did the work to the cases. The counter shaft bearing failed so miserably that even after running a 1" mill bit through the case to clean up the hole it was still oblonged to hell. Made up a slug to fit the new bored hole, welded it in and bored the slug to fit the new bearing. Luckily there was enough original hole left to be able to find the original center for the shaft. still gotta weld the new slug on the inside of the trans case. But other than that she is ready to have the new andrews gear set mated together.