nap time

so tonight steve-o stopped by the shop to do some work on the shovel chop that has been getting neglected for a while now, awesome new seat and set up the rocker arms and shafts. We need to pic up some longer banjo bolts for the external oil cross overs, but its looking good so far. I tore down the top end on my little brothers chopper. He was complaining about the base gaskets leaking. I found both exhaust valve springs broken, a completely wasted intake seal, barely any carbon on the pistons and still some nice cross hatch in the cylinders even with over 40k on the engine. Time for some beehive springs and new gaskets. Then we got some really good heavy mexican food and beers and i took a food coma. Thanks for dinner buddy.


Hey look we are still doing shit

Wanna throw a 26 on your bagger? Well buy this kit and make it happen. Gonna debut it at the v-twin expo. 



seat i'm workin on.


My Brother

Got the linework on his sleeve finished up today, next step color.


the other night

harlan and i split out in his s-10 and drove north to go pick up a chainsaw from my old man. We took off at about ten at night, got back at 8 in the morning and went straight into work. Miserable day at work, awesome night with a buddy. We talked about how most of the people we know would have said no way to driving 450 miles in one night to go get a stupid ass saw. I'm glad we are the kind of people who will do things like this just because... why not lets go. It was a great time, we laughed at shit till the road got blurry with tears, hung out with my crazy pops for a few,and even picked up a bad ass couch. Simply enough, go do something that doesn't make sense, even if your miserable later the good time and the story you get to tell later are worth it.


Raked Bagger Frame

Yep Doing another one
As much as i love choppers, it's nice to change things up a bit from time to time.


Jesse James Vs. OCC Tonight at 9


i'm gonna watch it. Hopefully jesse gets some decent air time, but i'm suspecting that it will be mostly pissing between the old man and his kids. I can't wait to see what they bring to the table.


welded up

 sleeve details

welded up, motor dropped back in. Right now i'm playing dress up with different tanks, fenders, ect. Loving this so much more than a week ago. The loopy lower rails were kind of an accident that i turned out really cool. We loaned out our tubing bender to a buddy so i had to make due with some pre bent pieces from a previous build that didn't look quite right..

looking better already

modifying a ironhead hardtail section that has been kicking around the shop for a while to work with the evo frame. I'm goin to add a touch or stretch to the top rails, line it all up and weld it on. I like this way more than where the bike was headed before. I'm still a bit hesitant on the overall style the owner wants. But i think it can be pulled off very respectfully. I'm trying to get back in the swing of updating the site more regularly again.  I really just haven't been doing anything that is fab related lately. Just a bunch of motor builds and maintenance stuff over the last few months. But as the snow starts to hit the ground. The grinders come out and the welder warms the hands. Also i'm looking for a stock rubbermount sporty frame, If the back bone and or front down tubes are tweaked that is fine with me. As long as the rear section and lower frame is straight i'm interested. 



look mikey.... no shocks


The Black Keys new album

http://www.theblackkeys.com/elcamino/  < 5 of the tracks available for listening


 prepping the 2010 for a procharger, new pistons, stronger cases, diamond cut heads and cylinders, baker 1.5pan and a shit ton of other stuff.

And on a unrelated note.... boooooobs

Bar Night with friends

 fuckin hipster
 bar straw flower
 cute couple

Tried to get a shot of alexa smacking this chick on the ass

My brothers ride

My lilttle brothers chopper, all he does is ride the piss out of this thing, howell to dearborn every damn day, plus all his other fun riding he does.He went through two cop tires this summer, we think he was avg.1k a week. I love this kid.

Wheels for sale 09+ bagger and 84-99 16" set

The 09+ look gold but its just my camera, they are really shiny chrome. Hit us up 734-426-7000. 


been chasing one of these for a while, got a hell of a deal on this one. Also picked up the cam w/mag drive i was needing for the 69 xlch for 5 bucks. i love swap meets. Thanks billy!

entertains me everytime i watch this


It lives... and kills

Watch and wish you had as much fun as these kids


Rocket 4

My buddy harlan has been keeping busy with fun projects like this



Picked up a new project on the cheap. Cases and trans look good so far. Fins are a bit droopy but i think they might work


Zeke "goddamn it he ran away again" Lowe

Tonight we lost a member of the conspiracy family, Zeke the shop dog. Many of you have met zeke and probably wondered how the hell he was still running around like a puppy at a million years old (15 in people years). As much as i cursed that damn dog and all of his aggravating tendencies, he was a great pup. He loved people... and running away. I swear to god every time i turned my back on him he was off to the bar, or the gas station, or wherever the fuck he wanted to go. A true free spirit i guess you could say. One day the L.E.T.S. bus driver stopped by the shop with zeke on the bus. I guess he had picked him up at one of the stops and asked if zeke could ride around the rest of the day with him. No problem, hell we probably could have gotten him a job doing that, just rollin around meeting old folks and staring out the window. Pay him in milk bones and love. He was known all around town and spent many i night in lock-up for his wandering. I remember one winter he split off and we were too broke to bail his ass out of cherry hill. About a week went by and we got a call. You could hear zeke in the background barking his brains out, they told us there would be no charge if we would just come down and get him the hell out of there, they couldn't stand listening to him bark anymore. Now some of you reading this may think we didn't take care of him or whatever, but in reality this dog just loved to wander off, it was in his bones and i'm sure many of you can relate. I'm gonna miss that old fucker and i will never forget him. So everyone out there, remember to take some time and give your pup a little extra time out of your day, they won't be around forever.

 If you have a zeke story leave it in the comment box. I know george would appreciate them.



Motor Nook

filed to fit, lubed, cleaned and ready to rock. The kids 97" evo.
 twin cam timkin conversion set up
 93 Xl1200 cases all blacked out and ready to go back together for the new sporty project
 new custom made twin cam engine stand.
 project ironheads. 74, 73, 69.

holy hell


Lifter Block Service

Some new ten over lifters for the super iron