bzzzzzzzz bzzzz

got a new drawing done last night. going back for more line work and shading next week. Super stoked.


pool party


 case cracked at the oil pressure switch 
 Plan A
Plan B
Plan C


 now that i have your attention look at this video


Wish I was at the racetrack

Stuck at work wishing I was at the racetrack


How to fly

I love riding with this crazy kid

Does anyone miss winter

I know its a no, but i miss ice racing. and this year sucked for it I hope next winter is better.


Single downtube sporty frame

almost finished product,final welding and some trick brackets and shit left to go


26" bagger

now with more fenders

good morning

Oh so very soon

just need the front fender to finish drying and we will be rocking this down the highway at 100+. I took it out for a spin the other day sans fender to see how she handles. Rock steady at speed and still feels pretty light for have a 26 on the front and a whole bunch of rake.The magic of math.


6 over aee springer, 38* rake, 75" wheelbase,  21" front 18" rear, single loop 1.5" frame, kick only mag fired 64 ironhead. yeah it should be pretty cool. Just been doing a bunch of looking at this bike tonight, trying to get a feel for her and make the geometry right. If i calculated it all right i should end up with a touch over 5" of trail, so she should still handle really nice. This one should come around pretty quick.