I'm back fuckers

this pic has nothing to do with what I've been up to for the last week but its still cool.

But anyways i split out last week to take my ma on a cross country road trip with my two brothers and my baby sis. My ma hasn't been able to drive for the last 20 years or so, due to her R.P. which is a degenerative eye condition that causes loss of peripheral vision. She had never been out west and always to do a road trip and see the sights. About 8 months ago my younger bro wade was talking about taking a cross country bike trip and ma got pretty excited so he decided to do something awesome. He went to all her friends and sisters and was able to raise just shy of 3 grand and matched it all himself for a total close to 6k to take her a on a all expense paid grand tour. We kept it secret from her up until two weeks ago. Her girlfriends threw her a party and even though she was kind of confused when i showed up we kept her in the dark with some creative story telling right up until the "donnas excellent adventure" cake was lit. Needless to say she was blown away, the look on her face is one that i will never forget. The original plan was for just my ma and wade to go, then it turned into my bro Spencer going as a back-up driver, and grace missed our last trip out west so it was decided she was also to go. At the party ma was wondering why i wasn't going, so i said screw it pushed back some appointments and my pops hooked me up with a flight back so i could be in my buddy robs wedding. We went to giant meteorite crater, grand canyon twice, Vegas twice, hoover dam twice, Yosemite, sequoia national forest, pacific ocean, Cadillac ranch and a bunch of other cool places before stickin me on a red eye flight back to Detroit Friday night for the wedding sat morning.

I really want to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible all of you you contributed cash, sara for buying us a GPS lovingly known as "Karen you fuckin bitch", George for giving me the week off( i would have left anyways but its always nice not getting fired), my pops for the free hotel stay in Vegas, the plane ride home, and use of the truck, Spencer for doing some serious shopping cart driving, Ma for being so awesome at being a parent and friend. But most of all wade for putting this all together, I'm seriously proud of you man.

stay tuned for some cool pictures i left my camera with wade cause he broke his. They still have about another 5 days on the road, and i wish them the best of luck.


who's going?

friday is the day to show up and catch the races. See ya there.


thanks eron

new 64 frame for the ironhead project!


splittin cases on a 04 sporty, screw taking it out of the frame.

super cool '72

rollin with the bandits

Secuity Team

showup to harlans at midnight and this is how he will greet you

happy 4th everybody