For sale

For Sale, My 56 servi car rear end. recently inspected for bad bearings and what not. Looks clean, repainted it, sits in my showroom. No cracks or repairs. The cross tie bars have pitting and rust on them. Not restoration perfect but damn nice,
also included but not pictured are the drums and backing plates for the brakes. I also have a set of wheels that can go with it if you want them. They are old ford rims off a ranger.
located in brighton
if your interested

And if you don't like it then you can talk to this guy.



happy birthday steph


moving forward on the sporty.Mocking up the new tank mounts and seat mounts


duck duck

Goose neck added into chris's sporty frame. What a total pain in the ass. As soon as i cut the neck the back bone sprung about a half inch to the right. Many hours of cursing, measuring, and cutting later its ready for the final beads and heating to stress relieve all the warped stock frame welds. I totaly needed this jig. If anybody has one that they are looking to give away hit me up.

New Throne

my old faashioned king and queen seat found its way onto the sporty. I see why they were so damn popular now, super cross country comfort

this lil piggy got a gas tank

steve made some bungs up today
then i welded them in
which worked and i was happy
so i welded morefixing the braze job from a previous repair
now steve is happy and has a non leaky hopefully bullet proof gas tank. the tunnel of tank is made of 14 gauge steel versus the questionable thickness of the old one. Oh and he loves ponies.



haha awesome

just double click to watch in "not cut off cause i don't know exactly what im doing view".


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click on the red text that says click here and read. It will take you to one of the coolest fucking bike travel stories ive read in quite a while. oh and at the end of his posts you can click on continued here and it will just take you to his next post and you can skip over all the other folks comments and whatnot.