getting closer

still super excited to be in the new shop. Its starting to feel like home again

steves bar hopper

needs gas tank oil tank, trans ans some spokes other than that its ready to roll. I kept getting yelled at for welding straws together. it was way easier to do this shit when you could smoke in bars, i miss the old days

amal 930

930 i just rebuilt after it sat underwater for about 0hh 6 or 7 months. slide was a froze stuck and some passeges clogged other than that just rust colored and filthy. i may run it on the 69 sporty below


thinking about setting up the 69 in more of a stock custom style. There is a 63 at the shop set up in a similar way that i have been lusting over for a quite a while.


69 t-120

i'll get some nice pics after its back together. Dang faulty coils.

theres your problem

your spark plug is leaking. better than a blown head gasket


Social D, Frank Turner, Lucero

frank turner, these guys really kicked ass, i'd never heard of them before i showed up for the show and if i would have had any money on me i defiantly would have picked up one of their cds. I won't sit down, i won't shut up, and i will never grow up!

super excited to see lucero, my buddy pigpen turned me on to these guys and their music is fucking addicting. like black keys or crack addicting. Plus we saw some dude get into a fight with the bouncer during their set, poor bastard should have just chilled out and caught the rest of the gig.

the stars of the night Social fuckin Distortion if you havent heard of them.... well you should are more than likely a sheltered individual and im sorry your life sucks.

my lil brother wade, myself, and miss sara enjoyed the show. Wade drove like a fuckin mad man whipping in and out of lanes and cars doing over 100 in his caddy so we could get our spot right on the gate. Good work bro

outside we had this to drool over, don't drool on it cause that would be a dick move.


Finished xr and sneek peek of the new joint.

Come check us out at 6684 Whitmore Lake Rd. right off of us 23 at exit 49 north territorial rd. We are in the building with the bikes out front of it. We still have the same ph# 734-426-7000


New digs

We signed the lease on the new shop today. stay tuned for more updates and pics of the joint.  It is a hell of a lot nicer than our current spot and we even have a paved parking lot now.

new tank

maybe, its gonna take some mods to get it look right but with some lower bars and some other tweeks here and there i think it could be spot on. thoughts?

xr picture

steves xr is coming along. cant wait to ride it and send it home.


xr update

hey Steve sorry no pics tonight. but i did drop the motor in the frame today. Gonna try to finish her up by tomorrow night if all goes according to plan. trying to figure out the routing of the 12 trillion oil and vent lines on this thing is kicking my ass. When i get the bike up and running i'll give you a shout, but i still have a ways to go yet.


hey eron

hows this for some inspiration for the 64? 
and to whoever built this, kick ass job.


Hey Steve i got your cylinders this morning and started mock up, sure does look pretty. Monday or Tuesday looks good for dropping the motor in the frame if all goes well with assembly

wires and chains

hey peter/ skyler i startes working on your wiring issue, found a bunch of twisted together wires with tape on them. After taking care of that situatuion i fired  up the bike heard some angry noises from the primary. i found a wasted primary chain adjuster. i'll call you guys on monday.