new parts

all kinds of old shift knob

stainless, copper, aluminum, copper, stainless. Yeah thats right i made my own copper exhaust gaskets. It only took me about 5 hours of layout, cutting, shaping, more shaping, buffing, reshaping and more buffing to come. stainless exhaust tips to follow. Oh and the aluminum peice in the middle mounts the two pipes to the frame. yeah the copper gaskets and aluminum parts are one piece holding the pipes together. if you steal this idea i will know and i will smash you bike apart with a hammer. Naw im just fuckin with you, i bet someone else already did this before me. I just made it look fuckin sweet.


J. said...

That is classy.

AA eron said...

my first thought was "gee wally, that's an awful lot of work for little two inch tips."

is that the ice queen?

hooligan said...

yes it is, and yes it was alot of work for two little tips, but hey the devils in the details as they say.

AA eron said...