you ever have one of those days

where you go and do something like grab a sawlzall and start cutting up a unmolested servicar in a attempt to shoehorn a xl motor and trans onto a 56 servicar chassis? well i did today. those of you who know me, you guys know i hate trikes, well The other day i got a chance to ride a cool trike and it really sparked my interest in building one. Before all i had riden were garbage wagon trikes with bags, wndshields, suspension and all sorts of extra crap. the one i got to cruise around on was all kinds of bad ass. So heres the plan mod the shit out of the frame to fit this much bigger and more faster motor. wheelie machine in progress, slow progress. oh and sara says hello interweb world.


AA eron said...

long springer+invader would make that thing righteous.

hooligan said...

very true, still trying to figure a way to get the sporty motor to fit all proper like. at the moment it looks like ive got to offset the engine 2 inches from center and it looks kinda goofy. Might run a jackshaft set up.