The dude in the background is one of the guys who was in the fight

sara tries to teach eron how to use his camera, he is obviously confounded

strong drinks

frank is either air drumming or falling down, i honestly can't remember

Harlan slept in the closet both nights we were there. haha.......homo

more boooze

takin a leak on the exit ramp. those snow flakes really were the size of a human head. no photo trickery

More boozing

V-twin expo 10. Well it was interesting, we took off Friday round five or so and it was pretty smooth sailing till we hit Ohio were it turned into an snow rally. Rocking the sable at an average 30 mph with no dash lights and a bunch of drunks in the back seat. For a while i wasn't sure if we were gonna make it. Slip slide and spin all the way until we got within like 20 miles of our destination. But it was all worth it. We dropped our shit in the hotel room and hit up the bar. The drinks were ranging from 6.60 to 7.00 for the same drink depending on which bartender you got. Caught a completely one sided bar fight, drank away all out money and then tried to find the pool. Lil tip for those going next year, screw the millennium. The beds suck, the pool is outside, and the rooms are tiny. But it did have a wicked sweet bathroom and the treadmills are ultra fun when your buddies are wasted and its connected to the duke center. Definatley staying at the westin again next year. The expo itself was pretty cool, not a lot of people there this year and way less than last year. Saw some really cool new parts, a number of bikes that were just insane, and scored so many stickers I'm not sure what im gonna do with them yet. On saturday night we went out to go hit up this sweet German bar and found our left rear was flat and our spare and my spare spare was the wrong bolt pattern. We hit up the rock bottom brewery fantastic food and we even got our 10.3% beer knocked of the tab cause it was terrible. Super cool place and the P.L.I beer is good. Tried to get into the biltwell party but, my girls is still a few months from being twenty one so that was a no go. Back to they Hyatt were you can drink as long as you have money. Harlan snd eron eventually made it to the biltwell party and said it was a blast. They showed up hammered, harlan broke a beer bottle in the toilet and eron ironed some shirts. Another tip for you, if you need to get anything fixed on Sunday in Ohio do it on Friday, nothing is open. I spent four hour just trying to find someone with an air compressor so i could drive to a wallwart to get the tire patched. While we waited frank and i spent probably ten bucks playing big game hunter in the family fun center. I need one of those for the apt. Then we hit up the expo a bit longer and made the drive home. Nothing really exciting happened other than a rousing game of car car car semi car caaaaar semi raaaac. Defintaley looking forward to going next year.

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