Social D, Frank Turner, Lucero

frank turner, these guys really kicked ass, i'd never heard of them before i showed up for the show and if i would have had any money on me i defiantly would have picked up one of their cds. I won't sit down, i won't shut up, and i will never grow up!

super excited to see lucero, my buddy pigpen turned me on to these guys and their music is fucking addicting. like black keys or crack addicting. Plus we saw some dude get into a fight with the bouncer during their set, poor bastard should have just chilled out and caught the rest of the gig.

the stars of the night Social fuckin Distortion if you havent heard of them.... well you should are more than likely a sheltered individual and im sorry your life sucks.

my lil brother wade, myself, and miss sara enjoyed the show. Wade drove like a fuckin mad man whipping in and out of lanes and cars doing over 100 in his caddy so we could get our spot right on the gate. Good work bro

outside we had this to drool over, don't drool on it cause that would be a dick move.

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