Ts 185 Suzuki

Ive been looking for an old dirt bike for a little while now and i spotted this mother fucker up on the craigslist for $150 obo, so in the morning i hopped in truckula and rolled down to the dudes place to check it out. When i talked to him on the phone he was pretty adament about the fact that it was pretty crappy and was not a show bike by any means and that he was TN. but his brother would be there. Well i pull in and im greeted by a dude with no shirt jeans and south park boxers. I looked it over and yeah its kinda crappy. the coil is missing, along with all the lights and oil injection unit but it feels like its got compression and its old so i said fuck it, threw him 120 bucks and tossed it in the truck. i found a coil on the ebay along with a front chain sprocket and other lil bits i might need for it. This things gonna be retarded fun.

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