Zeke "goddamn it he ran away again" Lowe

Tonight we lost a member of the conspiracy family, Zeke the shop dog. Many of you have met zeke and probably wondered how the hell he was still running around like a puppy at a million years old (15 in people years). As much as i cursed that damn dog and all of his aggravating tendencies, he was a great pup. He loved people... and running away. I swear to god every time i turned my back on him he was off to the bar, or the gas station, or wherever the fuck he wanted to go. A true free spirit i guess you could say. One day the L.E.T.S. bus driver stopped by the shop with zeke on the bus. I guess he had picked him up at one of the stops and asked if zeke could ride around the rest of the day with him. No problem, hell we probably could have gotten him a job doing that, just rollin around meeting old folks and staring out the window. Pay him in milk bones and love. He was known all around town and spent many i night in lock-up for his wandering. I remember one winter he split off and we were too broke to bail his ass out of cherry hill. About a week went by and we got a call. You could hear zeke in the background barking his brains out, they told us there would be no charge if we would just come down and get him the hell out of there, they couldn't stand listening to him bark anymore. Now some of you reading this may think we didn't take care of him or whatever, but in reality this dog just loved to wander off, it was in his bones and i'm sure many of you can relate. I'm gonna miss that old fucker and i will never forget him. So everyone out there, remember to take some time and give your pup a little extra time out of your day, they won't be around forever.

 If you have a zeke story leave it in the comment box. I know george would appreciate them.


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sethro said...

sorry for ya'lls loss, we often forget to give just an extra few minutes..better go let my fellas out now that i think about it........