Bison Machine

Friday night was kind of crazy. Steve and i pointed the van down to detroit at about 10 o clock to go catch bison machine play at the fourth floor. So we are heading down there and we have no fucking clue what this place looks like, where it is exactly, nothing. Other than the text from tom saying "it's a white door down on gratiot and the mailbox says fourth floor". So we are wandering around trying to find this joint and all of the sudden Ta-Da! we find it and start the trek up the stairs to this place. Its all in this rundown shitty building that is abandoned other than this after hours club. We get up there, find tom, breck, and the boys and start drinking, smoking and making a ruckus. The boys put on one hell of a show, Breck was a just wailing on his kit and caught his knucks on the rim once or twice splattering the drums with blood. It was fucking sweet. After the set breck and i took off to go adventure the building and go up to the roof, this pissed off the chick who was putting this thing on for one reason or another and tried to kick us out. So we just went and explored other buildings, that last pic is of breck making his way back down from the roof of the building in the picture. I ended up pretty drunk on an empty belly and crashed out in the van for a few hours freezing my ass off. I think we made it back home around six thirty in the morning. A good night for sure.

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