last night with old man tan

 maybe more gas will fix it
 Nope, of course not.

 nap time
 last fucking time

I love my friends, they are the ones who will keep me up till 5 in the morning working some old pile of shovelhead and laughing my ass off all night. That's what last night was all about, harlan rolled in on old man tan about 6 or so with a small fuel leak, which turned into a swingarm tightening, pushrod adjustment, plug change, cleaning the carb about 20 times, and a battery that just wouldn't play nice with us. We took off  on the first test ride and made it all the way to the gas station a quarter mile away before coming back and fucking with the carb and everything else for the rest of the night and took a nice high speed backroad run home at about 5:30.

Quotes of the night
Me: harlan i think we are just gonna have to take you out back and old yeller you.
Harlan: oh.... :(
Me: yep autoerotic asphyxiation
Steve: What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

Harlan: Dude the brake light keeps flashing when it back fires
Me: Well yeah... its a shovelhead.

Harlan: I'm pretty sure that my old man is gonna leave this to me in his will, Goddamnit! I think he hates me.

Wrench, breakdown, repeat.
Yeah i don't even get to ride it, it just breaks after we start it.

Harlan: Why didn't you redo the rear pushrods?
Me: Did you adjust the pushrods the same way in the back?
Harlan: No, i adjusted them completely different just to fuck with you, are you kidding me? Idiot. lol

Me: I pretty sure that its just afraid of the dark, it only started running shitty after the sun went down.
Harlan: you realize this happens everytime we work together? I think we're cursed.

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