Chopper build off thoughts with harlan and ethan

Harlan's  thoughts about the biker build off
 i have always liked the stuff jesse james did from the first time i saw him in easyrider when i was 14, and yes i even liked him
after the whole cheating on his wife thing cuz i mean you know whats better then pussy? new pussy! but come on jesse you built a buell, a really
fancy one. as nice of a job of it as i though you would have done better. if you have a dead line, you have a dead line make it.
occ i liked the all the machining you did but i think you you went a little over board with it though, saying that, just like jesse you also made
a beull not a chopper. and your front forks look to wide for the rest of bike, and i think it looked better be for you anodized it, your prank was so stupid
Jr i did not think i would have liked your bike, but i did it came out pretty nice overall. i can only hope it all worked at nice as it looks. Now take some of your money and fix that gap in your teeth.
we worked on one of your tv builds before and the bike i have seen from you are all show and no go, i liked wheels and paint, i like the exhaust
but think you should have used a real header. hate the bars.
fast and loud you guys got my vote, your bike is simple and beautiful and a really nice chopper, your shop looks like every shop i have ever worked at.
and your show is funny and educational at the same time. but come on you cant shit talk about the best bike builder ever. i hope you guys win maybe it
will bring these guys back to reality and make them remember that bike are made to ride.

Ethans' thoughts on the latest docudrama on discovery. Not that my opinion matters in any of it.

First up lets talk about gas monkey. I'm torn on this, i love me some choppers but holy fuck that shovel they picked up was a gem. I would have left it as is and just picked up high class escorts on my bitchin pink and white shovel-o-love'n. That aside i do really like the bike they turned out. Super super clean and is along the same lines as something i would love to build. That genny shovel gives me a raging motor boner. I wouldn't change a thing about this bike.The paint is awesome, chemical candy nailed it. If they are smart they will have sold all those wicked cool old accessories and turned a pretty penny, or done like i would and horded them all. Another thing that i like about those guys is they are funny as hell, defiantly good t.v. and pretty upbeat crew. Plus they rode the damn thing, these guys should have won.

Jesse James: Well he built himself a hell of a bike and did it the way he wanted and i do think it is really pretty and has a lot of really cool engineering, amazing craftsmanship and I'm sure its a blast to ride. Is it his best work? Not in my opinion. I wish wish i had been able to see more the work that went into it and less shit talking and negativity.

SR.:  I really like the bike, i like it more before it was anodized. I think it would make a spectacular production bike. None of the silly theme bike bullshit, no stupid frills and add ons. That carbon fiber spring is cool as hell. The bike sounds really good too. Just all business. Its a new school approach for sure and i am jealous of their waterjet. I would ride that bike into the ground. Sr. really surprised the hell out of me and im sure many others with this bike.

Jr: Well your gonna have to excuse me on this cause i am gonna get negative for a bit. I think Jr's bike is ugly as fuck, the proportions are all wrong, the exhaust is stupid as fuck. It just looks terrible all around and really i cant find anything that i really like about it. The sheet metal work was waaaay nice though. Props to their sheet metal fab guy.


Zak Parr said...

Couldn't agree with you more man. Jr's bike is a horrid spectacle at best. Quick question though. Is he a bike builder? I realize Jesse talked a ton of shit and that's what discovery chose to focus on. Shame on discovery for that. However, if I had the chance to obtain the skills Jesse has I would probably talk shit as well. Jr is great at making a motorcycle look like something else. No question there. What does he build? What's his craft? Next biker build off should include only those that can build a bike. Sign me up! Head to head against jr on building a unique one off bad ass motorcycle and even though I am just now hunting for my first shop, I would be willing to bet I could outdo the outsourcer. Thanks for the post!

Harlan x said...

Hey zak thanks for the comment. and you make a geart point about Jr. i don't see him do really anything to the bike more like told his guys what he wanted.

I feel like discovery needs to take a step back and remeber why we used to wach, it was real people teaching you about what thay do.

as for Jesse I have a lot of love for the guy and his work. not shore if it was the show or what but I WANTED HIM TO STOP RUNNING HIS MOUTH AND TEACH ME SOMETHING.