The Winter Breeze

Nothing like that feel of the winter breeze blowing up your butt crack, that makes you think man i wish i was not working outside right now. but hey what can you do if you buddy crashes his truck. you got to help him out, we didn't even SCRAP IT and for as cold as it was we still had fun piecing it back together.

So being winter and all i got the old ice racer out and ready to go, 7 trips to the hardware store later i was ready, checked the ice, nope the lake is not ready yet but still it would be in a week or two i thought to myself, and being there was snow my phone has been going off none stop with snowmobile guys

worked for days getting everyones sleds going i could and parts coming for the ones that would not run. two days later all the snow melted and it was 60 degrees again, got to love Michigan don't know if i'll get to go out on the ice this year so for now i am going to play some excitebike and dream of racing

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