Trade show weekend

There is so much to talk about this week we ended up going to the International motorcycle show and the the V-twin expo which overlapped this year for some stupid reason, and they are having the indy show over valentines day, seriously? Pick a date that makes sense fuckers.

Most comfortable helmet ever.
At IMS where we got a sneak peek at the new bikes coming out this year and some cool products and accessories, also caught the  XDL Street Jam Stunt Show with Aaron Twite and Josh Bore cool guys put on a great show and got to talk to them afterwards for a minute. Best of luck to these two.

 that was the text i got from Miss Ashley half way from IMS on our 5 hours drive to make it to V-twin,  listening to cassette tapes then some Mexican radio station when we ran out of tapes. Those mexican stations are crazy im pretty sure there was some chick getting gangbanged in the back of their studio, at least thats what it sounded like. A quick stop at the waffle house was awesome, if i had been thinking i would have snapped a few pictures. Things that we learned from Kathrine, 1. If there is snow on the ground, any at all, she will crash her car and blames it on living in ohio 2. Men have two brains,one is lost and the other one is looking for it. The old broads working there are fucking hilarious and can cook some damn good food. I think it was near the hustler club. By the time we made it into cincy it was about 12 O' clock and the bars were already shutting down. At that point i knew the show was gonna be small but that might be a good thing. Anyways this drunk dude bought us a couple yuenglings and told us his secret to pickin up pussy as long as we promised to keep it to ourselves. Along the way we ran into Arlan Ness and bullshitted for a minute. At the show it was obvious that this was a small crowd, but we did see some new faces and noticed some of the ones from years past were gone. One cool thing i hear is that evil engineering is gonna be reopening their doors. Damn good to hear.
Trikes, holy shit so many trikes. Are the baby boomers finally getting too old to ride? I mean at least these things you can run across the country and back, the shit last year was just rediculous, baggers slammed to the ground 90" rims tucked into the fairings.
nice thumb harlan

Big Thanks to the guys at RacePro Motorsports for making me the winner of the best NGK spark plug tattoo contest. which they say is not a real contest but i still got my pic taken and put on their fb, and they hooked me up with a bunch of cool shit, stickers, hats, a set of plugs for my shovel, they even through in a t-shirt. Those guys rule and all i had to do was get this silly spark plug tattooed on me.

then after i got back home i was thumbing through Road Iron magazine and i see an add for the V-twin Expo that i just came back from and i am like "hey cool they used a picture from last year" so after playing eye spy look for myself i fond some good friends of mine.

We talked to a bunch of people about products racing and honestly this was the most business like the trip has been in 5 years. Maybe ethan and i are just getting older and ... i would say wiser but i know thats a lie. Lets say we recover slower from hangovers. Yeah.... wait ...damn it. Anyways Really looking forward to next year, hopefully they don't shut it down like the rumors have been telling us. Even if they do i'm sure we will still head down there and just pretend there is an expo.

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