day and night in Detroit part 1

Last night we went down to the city to check out the Oily Souls show and holy shit, props to brad over at ZON, Ry at RAS, Two James Distillery  and everyone who put effort into this gig. It was an absolute blast and i am already looking forward to next year. The showing of quality bikes was unreal, i don't think i have seen that many cool machines anywhere else in the midwest and it blew away my expectations. The band was spot on perfect for the place and it was a really nice chill atmosphere. After the show we shot out to The Comet bar, i suggest going there before it gets demolished to make way for the new wings stadium. The talent on the karaoke machine was great and the black label beers stack up quick. I didn't take near as many pictures as i should have, blame that on having fun instead.


Diesel said...

Thanks Man!

hooligan said...

You are very welcome. If you're looking for prize sponsors for next years event, i'd love to contribute to the cause.

Ry said...

Yeah, thanks man!