diet time

chopping up the 69 xlch motor for project ironfist. Next steps will be finding a sealed bearing for the countershaft, weld up the oil passages, weld in a filler cap and vent for the trans, and redo the engine case vent. shouldn't be too hard. Looking forward to getting the frame designed and built. I'd like to get a set of 18's or 19's hoooked up to hydraulic drums front and back, Rigid frame with a mild drop seat, split oil and gas tanks, a super custom vl springer. I'll post up a sketch of whats stuck in my brain in a few days.


scrapninja said...

I`d like to know how this motor came out, more pics please.

hooligan said...

well its still in pieces at the moment kind of took a back seat to the shitload of other projects i have, in due time she will wheelie down the road