crashing sucks

its hard to read but i got 70hp and 75 tq. coming up on pigpens numbers. still got some tuning to do to the pipe and a touch more adjusting to the carb.
this morning i managed to low side the sporty doing about 45 in front of the bar on my way to work. got a little heavy on the front binders trying not to hit a very stopped car. all in all pretty favorable outcome cause im not dead and the damage to the bike is limited. but after i crashed i pulled it into the dyno room to make it more faster. sometimes i think im retarded.

scratched my paint

weight reduction on the axle

hard to see but i put a hariline crack in the bar.

i really fucking liked these grips too. had damn near 50k with this grips on the bike, they were just getting to the point where they were super comfy and sticky.

it still lives

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