Its zombie time

Made some progress on the zombie bike today. Sara is taking her cycle safety course at the end of the month and i am gonna try to have this really close to being ready for her by early may.
added in some side plates a battery tray and one really high foot peg. Its an idea i stole from zee germans, on beemers and such they give you a nice little grab handle to help you lift the bike up onto the center stand.

up next is a licence plate mount and the seat pan. I was originally gonna run this fiber glass tail section straight out of the 70's but miss looper didn't like it, oh well. If she is gonna pilot this this thing she might as well like the way it looks. It always sucks to ride a bike you think is ugly.but anyways im thinking going the traditional looking brit bike seat look but shorter and abit more low profile.

well i started out by mounting up a old chrome 21" front fender that's been laying around for quite a while. Sitting atop the new chromie fender is a old turn signal from my sporty. The mufflers are also some old pieces from my first set of pipes on the sporty. Im still not totally diggin the stock tank on it, it just looks too damn long, if it ended right at the carbs i think it would look way better.

this was where i started at this morning

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AA eron said...

tell her to wise up, that fiberglas tail fucking ruled!