autorama 2011 here we come...maybe... we shall see.

well fuck, both my bikes are down for the count right now. Getting them both sent out to paint hopefully in time for autorama in febuary. Gonna shoot the 69 white and red im thinkin. The 06 is a toss up right now ive been thinking about doin a rootbeer and cream for close to a year now. But i may just end up going with a super dark merlot. It came to me in a dream and i just havent been able to shake it. 

kinda like this but with way finer flake and just a shade darker. Then i just need to think of a really nice second color, maybe a gold base with the same wine candy color over it. with black or silver stripes round the border of the panel. then all i would have to do is sharpie fuck you asshole on the gas tank get ryan to paint my cut the same and buy this helmet then i could be period and tough at the same time. It will be tough but i think i can pull it off well cause i know some guys in a club.

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