Linkert M74-B

fuck yeah power is right.

found this old linkert in a box the other day. It looked pretty cool so i decided to reuild it wich is really easy when everything isn't rusted shut. Unfortunatley everything was rusted shut, so i sprayed it all down and let it sit. Got all the parts moving again. The only thing i need to do yet is try and get all the detent bearings out so i can replace the springs behind them. A very tiny hole saw would be prefect but i dont think i can find a 1/8" hole saw any place.

I would also like to thank the woodman brothers for the bottle of gentleman jack. Very classy boys and it tastes great. Hope you two get some serious mile in on that old ironhead before the snow falls.


Anonymous said...

You can use a spot weld cutter. They come in a kit with a bunch of different sizes. You can pick one up at any industrial tool supply.

hooligan said...

right on man, i knew this site would pay off one day. thanks.